Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In the earlier post i was writing about how cruelty is and how it is to be handle.

i think what all matters is to understanding and ability to get aware of self power. i think self power and anger changes into creulty. cause all these are bounded in chain. all will come together, but one who manages them slowly and confidently is the ruler of self.

sometimes cruelty also comes in mind when one doesn't get his part of love and affection from anyone. cause everyone needs love example THE HITLER was also in need of love, he was very much attracted toward his loving wife. he was in love withhis own country, but might be his way of thinking may be diferent.

cruelty lies in heart of army men but for the enemy of the country, cause love is there for their own country. being cruel is not bad but if it is for the benfit of others only.



good point its amazing to see cruel actions by people in powerless situations. Like when I have more power over my life I tend to lash out less. And perhaps there is a karmatic flow of energy off of the circumstance.

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