Friday, August 15, 2008

My thoughts


We learn many things many times and if a person is addictive of learning new things every moment then will surely find something to learn.

i think every one who is human being and able to understand anything, will surely have and will like to learn anything everytime. every time anything new, anything to do cause anyone cannot stop his/her will or mind thinking except those who do the practice of concentration and yoga or some exercises. if i take example of anyone from the beginning of the day as he/she would like to go to see the new morning (cause we want something new), after that some tea or refreshment(in that too some learning are there), after bathing to job or somewhere to find something new(only to learn ) anyone watching anything, doing anywork, talking to anyone learns a new thing.

that's why i think learning is the only purpose of life. but what i discussed earlier is in the habbits of our. but if we do that habbit with pleasure then we will surely find something new and we will surely progress in life.

every new word bring us close to our aim but if we have faith and pleasure in that word.


Matt said...

Really great points, and interesting ideas.

Jack Payne said...

Sure is a unique way of looking at it.