Friday, August 1, 2008

Success in love continues.......

What today I learnt from one, is that never to say or show your love or emotions to beloved one too much.  Because sometimes she/he might get angery due to that. but showing love is the way or manner in which one usually shows his love to his beloved.
Important thing according to me is the "Understanding" which must be there in between two. But this is only a love which is being showed.
success in love not lies sometimes in telling your beloved one, each and every feeling of yours. But also hiding some feelings in yourself.  It will increase the taste of love. for making you good for your beloved one. knowing all about beloved one is first step of love towards the success.
Love is only love.True stage is that in which you become her and she becomes you. this is real successful stage. and if you become what your beloved one want you to be, then it is also a success.
being in love for other will make you feel like heaven. You will not aware of yourself what you were and what you are and will be. staying in her or his thoughts will make you sometime mad. but that madness if true and from truth of your mind then that will be a success. so love other from heart of yours, living life will be better and awsome. what you think.


Jane said...

This is the girl who's friend kissed her lol I like it. Makes since to me. Sometimes its hard to express that love whether it is done physically, verbally, or emotionally. Love sucks sometimes lol

kaushal said...

ur post z very senti..
be practical man