Thursday, August 28, 2008

life's thoughts

life is like a leaf , what i thought today while travelling in the bus.

when i was coming back from the college, i torned some leaves from a tree and started waiting for the bus to come. i at that time started torning the leaves from it's nearest branch (or i don't know the exact term for that part). what i realised while doing that, was something that left an impression on my mind about truth of life.

at that time, i was handling that leaves so i was the owner or user of that. i was the one who can use them in decoration or thrugh that in waste. i started torning that slowly and heared the voice of leaves as they were asking not to torn them, they were requesting me not to torn them, but as i want i did that (i.e i torned them) at the same instance, my mind striked me and told this is the way when god wants our life back from us then he doesn't wait for anything. he must have planned further for good of us or of others. he similarly did like us as an owner of anything having the right to destroy or to remain us alive for furte life. it is in his hands, we are just like a toy of his hands, playing our roles and if work or play completed then our game is over and he pulls us back for his love.

for what we are maknig haste or why somebody is killing other in any way, he is the supreme having all's threads and waiting for our finishing time. so live good , play nice roles that is the way of success.

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