Sunday, August 3, 2008

follow the path which is legal

sometimes we think of finding shortcut for getting success and sometimes somebody may won on that path too.
but his/her's stability at that point would be for a small time cause behind this is that he/she does'nt know varioius steps which have been missed. that steps or stages are for learning new and great thing like experience. Reaching the aim is not only a part of success, staying and maintaining that stage with self is very much difficult and needs proper care too.
for example:- a new building is made but after few years it will need maintainance, if that is not done at time then anything can happen which may cause heavy loss anytime.
following the legality is must, as illegal ways are easier for theives but later they came to know or realizes what they have become. so why to live in scare, live like a king who watch every knows every moment in his premises although he might be out of that.
be active and work constantly for success, dont follow shortcuts.

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