Tuesday, August 5, 2008

living successfully

Our lives will continue to be messy, full of sorrows and unhappiness until we learn how to get rid of this "I" and "My".
for living successfully, we have to follow some passionate way or live like life flows on or there might be many ways like living courageouly, proudly. but if we always think somebody will come and change our lives then we are wrong. we have to change for living differently. live in that way in which you want to live. but there are some difficulties or many things which will stp you to go or achive success in that way too. so living any type of life needs that much force inside that can lead you toward success.
changing the way in between will always cause occurance of sorrow for further life. we have to follow that selected way by us, that will byitself bring happiness to you and many awards too but that might be before sorrow or after it. the only thing we need is to sticking ability and hard heart somewhere for any pain.
actually waht i think if we start learning about how to live life then we can'tlive life fully. so be in the pool of life and start swimming in that, if swimming ability is not with us then it will come by own.
There are times too when someone in the way meets with us and walk with us and thoughts interchanges, so the reason for meeting with them is to interchnge knowledge and loving them cause they are teachers and friends like god to handle many unknown situations together.
living and loving life is also the ability, which is gained by some of us after hard practice or after watching many difficult conditions. loving life is also a very important aspect of life and giving love to others is the only reason to learning successfully any way.
so never have the feeling of "I" or "My" cause it departs us from the way and with those friends who were with us on that way of being successful.

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