Sunday, January 27, 2013

Activity in HP UX prompt

Hi Friends,

There are many things which we can perform from HPUX> of hp ux operating system. as the system loads, then boots EFI manager then EFI shell and then boots HP UX. here we can interrupt the system and get into hpux prompt.

1. We can go into single user mode.
2. we can check the kernel avarilable, we can boot with backup of vmunix.
3. we can check the list of files and directory, using ll command.
4. using boot vmunix -lq from hp ux prompt, we can boot without checking quorum disk.
5. we can boot inot maintenance mode using

hpux> hpux -is

or hpux > hpux -vmunix  -lm

It is good to work and check the option available.

6. Yes, one more when we boot into single user mode, we cannot use vgdisplay command until and unless vg is activated.
we should have to activate vg, using

#vgchange -a y vg00

then we can run vgdisplay.

after this you can mount all of your directories which are in /etc/fstab list for vg00.

7. yes, the NFS mount point will not mount, as for this that service has to be restarted.
8. single user mode can be bring in use for maintenance activity of VGs. reseting lost password. etc.

please share your learnings of single user mode too. I am trying to learn more on it.

Thanks and love sharing
Amit Chopra

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