Sunday, January 27, 2013

How benefit Life is with a positive attitude?

Love Love Love

Happiness Happiness Happiness

Laugh Laugh Laugh

Fun Fun Fun

Madness Madness Madness

Give Give Give

Work Work Work

Dance Dance Dance

Faith Faith Faith

Prayer Prayer Prayes


I dont know from where should I start, but my love is my happiness, happiness is equal to laughing at every moment of life even it is sorrow or sadness or happiest moment of life. Fun is the part of every thing, if fun is not there then life is tasteless, so enjoy enjoy enjoy.
Yes Madness of love, Family, Parents happiness, for their smile, for their proud on us, for their huge or everest love on us. it is their grace, we are on this earth living this beautiful life. giving love not expecting is being a god, yes we can be god also, as we are part of him, we should foget what we have given to others like that almighty or Great GOD after giving forgets. that's he is so good and loving to us. work like an ant, as it doesn't stop until all food is collected for next six months. Work with each other, as we all play a role in gr8 almighty play. It is he only, who knows what we are made for, we all work for him. as he has to take care of us and his work also.
Dance, yes dance with being lost into it, lost in the inner self, lost for the love of others, love for positivity, Dance for removing all illness all negtivity, Faith in yourself, Faith in Him , Fath in your dance, Faith in others, Faith is like having or putting faith on GOD, because what is your will never
be lost, faith on your self to work until you acheive your goal, and then run again for known journey. Prayers for everyone's better life, for evreyone who is on the arth is living life, breathing, praying that it, he , she anyone live life with full love and affection and give love to others.

I love you my Family, My love, My lord, My friends, every brothers my sisters, every human being on earth.
Love all.


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