Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to change ext2 to ext3 file system in Linux

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Today, I learnt changing of ext2 filesystem to ext3 file system. first of all would like to share that, i was not aware of how to make an ext3 file system in RHEL linux. so i learnt that, next i learn how to change from ext2 file system to ext3 file system i.e. migrating to ext3 file sysetm.

method of creating ext2 file system is :-

#pvcreate /dev/sdb

message will appear that pv is created successfully.

#vgcreate vgdb /dev/sdb

by this we are creating vg named as vgdb on /dev/sdb disk of any size.

#lvcreate -L " desired size" -n "name of the desire lv" /dev/vgdb

now the command for creation of ext2 file system comes i.e.

#mkfs /dev/vgdb/"name of the lv"

this will create the file system as ext2, after mounting the file system, you can see the same with

#df -hT

command , this will show the type of file system also.

for mounting the file system, you should have a directory with you. which can be created with.

#mkdir -p /name with location of the directory you want to mount the file system on

# mount /dev/vgdb/lvname /mountpoint or directory created.

Now the point comes to change the filesystem type i.e. from ext2 to ext3.  I know this much haven't learn changing from ext3 to ext2 till now. when i will learn will post.

the command is :-

#tune2fs -j /dev/

this block device you can get from /etc/fstab also, please remember to change the type of file system after running the tune2fs command in /etc/fstab too. so that as system reboot it doesn't find any conflict. and reboots properly.

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