Sunday, January 27, 2013

The life is a Race

The race is sometimes a life,
 or the life becomes a race?

This seems a question in my mind has taken place and this doubt is resting until i give a solution to it. I found my self sometimes no where in between. and sometimes i find my self with lot of responsibilitis and load on my shoulders.

Running for learning so many things at a time,
running for doing so many things in a single day,

24 hous looks less and, heart wishes that one day should have 48 hours.
But no it is not possible, i think hours and hours.

Life seems an aim sometime, when i want to enjoy and live it.
and Aims seems as Life, as they have to be achieved.

Where I am now, a Machine i have become, or A demand box.
who has to fulfill all dreams and live life as well.

But how funny this situation is, when someone is not running for aims then he is not living, when only living then he has no aims.

LOL, the aims and Life should go beside or together.

work to acheive love, my beloved, my home. then it seems yes life is moving in correct direction.
when ienjoying then evey moment seems gr8, big and fulfill of joys and happiness.

These are two sides of mirror, its how we see it. Be positive and loving work or work for love then the life seems easy.

God bless all of us.
Best Regards
Amit Chopra

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