Monday, January 7, 2013

What is the Booting sequence of HP Integrity Server

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Below is the short note which i read in HP pdf. this is applicable for RX machines i.e rx 2660, rx 8640 machine.
and i have found this in Interview questions for HP UX also.

Q. 1 What is the booting sequence of HP Integrity server?

Answer :- There are six steps :-

First Step :-     Initialization of Hardware (it is at BIOS level).
Second Step :- EFI & Boot Loader are loaded and run.
Third Step :-    Now Operating System is chosen.
Fourth Step:-   OS loader is loaded and run.
Fifth Step :-     Finally OS iself is loaded and run.
Sixth Step:-     You are at login prompt.

This some what matches with  PA RISC   (HP 9000) as well. but two or more steps are added into it.

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