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how to list software installed + LINUX and HP UX

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We always require softwares, packages or rpm in our systems or servers to be installed. but before installing any sfotware. we have to list or check also that the software does exist or already installed. and If yes then with which version. some times all related files also we have to see. so for the same, we need to use below command on HP UX on HP servers and RHEL linux.

on HP UX

#swlist |grep -i "name of the software"

it will show the name of the software installed with a very small detail.

#swlist -l fileset "name of the software"

Here the same command will bring  complete set of file related to the specfic software of enquiry or getting enquired.

#swlist -l product "name of the software"

yes for installation of package, we can use

#swinstall -s "complete depot path"

in HP UX directory can can be made with keeping all software or patch in one directory and by running ./create_depot executeble file.depot creation will be donw. then in a single go the installation of all software inside dpot will install.

yes one more thing before instaling any software in HP UX, check the software/Patch/Kernel patch/SS patch/CO command patches, they need a reboot of system or not. it can be checked before download as well from HP side.

an exapmple is below

#swlist |grep -i fault
  ProviderDefault                       B.11.31.0803   Select WBEM Providers
  SysFaultMgmt                          C.  HPUX System Fault Management
  SFM-CORE                              C.03.00.06     HPUX System Fault Management
#swlist -l product SysFaultMgmt
# Initializing...
# Contacting target ""...
# Target:  :/
# SysFaultMgmt                  C.  HPUX System Fault Management
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE         C.07.02.01     HPUX System Fault Management
#swlist -l fileset SysFaultMgmt
# Initializing...
# Contacting target ""...
# Target:  :/
# SysFaultMgmt                          C.  HPUX System Fault Management
# SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE                 C.07.02.01     HPUX System Fault Management
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.CTR_PRO_COMM    C.07.02.01     Control Provider Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.CTR_PRO_COREIA  C.07.02.01     Control Provider Platform Specific Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EMT_DOC         C.07.02.01     EMT Online help fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EMT_MAN         C.07.02.01     EMT Man pages fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVM_PRO_COMM    C.07.02.01     EVM CIM Indication Provider Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVM_PRO_COREIA  C.07.02.01     EVM CIM Indication Provider Platform Specific Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVWEB_COREIA    C.07.02.01     EvWEB core platform specific fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVWEB_DOC       C.07.02.01     EvWEB Online help fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVWEB_GUI_COMM  C.07.02.01     EvWEB GUI common fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVWEB_GUI_IA    C.07.02.01     EvWEB GUI platform specific fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.EVWEB_MAN       C.07.02.01     EvWEB Man pages fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.FMD_PRO_COMM    C.07.02.01     Filter Metadata Instance Provider Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.FMD_PRO_COREIA  C.07.02.01     Filter Metadata Instance Provider Platform Specific Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.GS_COMM         C.07.02.01     General Services Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.HAS-IA          C.07.02.01     Hardware Access Services IA
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.HS_PRO_COMM     C.07.02.01     HealthState Instance Provider Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.HS_PRO_COREIA   C.07.02.01     HealthState Instance Provider Platform Specific Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.MISC_COMM       C.07.02.01     MISC Common Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.MISC_COREIA     C.07.02.01     MISC Platform Specific Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.MISC_TOOLS      C.07.02.01     MISC Tools Fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.SFMUI-PROPPAGE  C.07.02.01     SFM property pages fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.SFM_MAN         C.07.02.01     SFM Man pages fileset
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.SFM_PRO_COMM    C.07.02.01     SysFaultMgmt Provider Module COMMON
  SysFaultMgmt.SFM-CORE.SFM_PRO_IA      C.07.02.01     SysFaultMgmt Provider Module IA

It will show the version.


#rpm -qa |grep -i "name of the package"

it will list the packages and libraried installed with.

rpm -qal |grep -i gnome

it will list the complete path and location of packages installed. "Thanks Ritu and Kundan for telling me this"

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -qal |grep -i gnome |more

#rpm -ivh "name of the package with complete path"

thos will install the package with verbose and details, but it always asks for dependant files. so we should go with yum.

or we can go local installation of RPMs.

Love sharing
Amit Chopra


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