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Booting to single user mode HP UX

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Question :- How to boot into single user mode or maintenance mode in HP UX?

To boot the server into single user mode,

1st.  We need to reboot the server and halt in after EFI boot and on HP UX boot.
2nd  As we halt the system into HP UX. we fell into HP UX > i.e. hpux prompt.
3rd  There we have to write

hpux> boot -is

4th. the server will boot the kernel.
5th. you will be fallen to # prompt withour any password/authentication.
6th. At # prompt, now you can start your maintenance work.
7th. For doing some activies like :-

we can get into single user mode.

a. To reset the password of root user, if forgotten or missed or if lost.
b. To edit fstab entry.
c. to edit files like password or shadow file. but for these we have to mount the root file system with below command.

#mount -o remount,rw /  :- this is to mount root file system with read and write access.

# mount -o remount,r /  :- to mount into read only mode.

d. for editing some of the corruption, etc. which is not allowing us to go to OS.

8. after editing or reseting root password, just type reboot or shutdown -ry from # prompt and system will boot to OS.


Booting to single user mode in LINUX

#init 1 :- from root prompt will bring to single user mode.

the if needs to done for reseting password from single user mode. then here we also need a DVD and get into maintenance mode. as the DVD boots up and ask for installation.

I amy not know other method, may be wrong here. if yes then please corrrect me. it will be very help ful for me too.


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Tabby Tabrez said...

Hi sir, this is the most confusing question asked by the interviewer...pls let me know if the below process is correct....
Interrupt the boot process when prompted by pressing [ESCAPE] key , we need to tell HP-UX box to boot primary, it should give you a prompt to interact with the ISL. You should reply 'y' to this. Once at ISL> prompt type hpux -is or hpux -iS /stand/vmunix to boot into single user mode.

Or If you can pls clear the step 1.
I mean how to halt the system when it is booting up.