Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Extending a VG RHEL and HP UX Step by Step

My Dear Friends,

I want to share how we can extend a VG i.e. Volume Group.

HP UX :-

first of all, by running #ioscan -fnC disk from # prompt or with sudo access . we need to detect the disk assigned from Storage or any where or disk added into the bay of the server.

Second :- run #insf -e

Third :- as you detect the disk in ioscan o/p or disk becomes claimed into the server. you can verfiy the same by going into /dev/disk directory. we have to use the persistant device path.

4. Now pvcreate is to be used. #pvcreate /dev/dsk/disk99 and /dev/dsk/disk100. after successfully creation of PV.

5th. Decide which VG you need to increase.

6th. Now vgextend is the command,

#vgextend vg01 /dev/dsk/disk98 /dev/dsk/disk99 /dev/dsk/disk100

this command will add the disk into VG and now after that or the size of  VG should be increased and we can change the same with vgdisplay.

disk99 and disk 100 are the disk whichwe wanted to add into the VG.

Linux :-

The same thing we have to perform. after scanning of the disk, we have to run pvcreate and then vgextend is the command. will be adding into this with an example.

Amit Chopra
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