Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Creating VM on Oracle Virtual Box

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Ten simple steps to create Virtual machine on your Window Machine.
1.       Below are the requirements for creating Virtual Machine on your Laptop. 
      a.       Your machine should have good RAM i.e. minimum 4 GB for good performance, My machine is windows on which I have installed oracle VM tool.
b.      Made my system 64 bit OS for full or total consumption or utilization of RAM on laptop/Computer, otherwise will be able of using only 3 GB or less than 3 GB.
c.       If these requirements are done, then we can get the Oracle VM tool from internet or from Oracle Site. Searching the same on Google can result.
d.      Once Installation of Oracle VM tool is done. It will create one shortcut on your computer.
e.      Double click the same and you will be fallen to below screen.
f.        Making your system 64 bit is useful, by this we can install 64 bit Linux OS or Windows 64 bit. Else e can go with 32 bit OS of RHEL or Linux or windows.
g.       Below same steps will be followed for 32 bit or 64 bit of OS.

2.   Double click the VM box of oracle. And it will bring you to this screenshot. In my case, I have already made two Linux virtual machines.

3.       Now click new for creating a new machine.

4. Click next on this window and you will be brought to below window.

5.   Now you name your machine as I have given Linux 3, you can keep as you like. And choose the type of OS you want to install. It is just for the naming convention, nothing else. It will not effect whether you will go with Ubuntu, Windows, any Linux, RHEL, etc. I chose RHEL 64 bit.

6.       Now we have to give RAM to our Virtual machine. At my end I have given 1 GB RAM

7.       Click next and decide/chose the virtual Hard disk size on next screen.

8.       Choose the fixed size option and decide the size of disk and location from which drive you want to give the space. As in my case I gave 8 GB from D drive of my system. 

9.       On next screen we can choose the create button to create the machine of 8 Gb space 1 GB RAM. 

10. Virtual machine is ready to use and install Linux or windows on it using DVD or ISO image. 



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