Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HP UX interview questions Part 1

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Thanks for the visits. Glad to see your visits always and appreciate your responses. I learnt some questions today about HP UX, which can be asked in an interview.

Question 1. What is the difference between cp command and cpio command.
Answer :- the cpio command copies link files also with it. the same thing is also performed by fbackup tool. but the cp and scp command doesn't copy the link files. due to which application may or may not start due to unavailabilty of links or link files.
but the limit of cpio command is that, it can only be used to copy within the limit of 2 GB. after that it will fail or not do. where cp command leads in this and has no limit to copy data of any size.
  so as per the requirement, we can use this command.

Question 2. What is the meaning of below terms and their work, explain?

1. lock lun
2. lock disk
3. quorum server.
4. Arbitraror node.

how they differ.

Question 3. What are the conditions of Sevricegaurd Cluster failover?

Question 4. What are the important files while creating service gaurd cluster?

Question 5. please mention some commands for service gaurd cluster creation and setup?

Question 6. What is the work of cluster manager and work load manager?

Question 7. At what level or condition we cannot use Lock disk and Lock lun for servicegaurd?

Question 8. What is the command to start a cluster at both nodes and on a single node?

Question 9. what is tie breaking in cluster?

Question 10. What are the things required for creating a cluster?

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Please share the answers as well.....so it helps.