Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Verify and Install patches on HP UX

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To remove bugs or to keep the system up to date, we have to apply patches. These patches are very useful, helpful at application level too, Hardware level, to upgrade the Kernel, to keep in track.

the command we can use to verify the patch status or current status of the server is :-

#swverify \*

this command will verify complete system patch level and also check the warning and error at patch level.

before applying any patch, we should have full backup of server Ignite backup, File system backup through fbackup. then we should plan for the patch application.
Every patch at download time from HP can be checked that, if it needs a reboot of server or not. If yes then go with complete palnning. sometimes the patch can cause some issue also ad then the system will not boot up.
you can have backup of kernel also with :-

#kconfig command, keeping your current kernel config.

yes do remember that Kernel patch application needs a reboot.

to verify and install the patches we can use below command :-

#swinstall -px  autoselect_dependencies=true -s /tmp/depot

to simply install the patch or software, you can use :-

#swinstall -s /tmp/hhdsghsd.depot

you can create a directory called depot and then use that directory to complete all patch upgrade in one time or in one go. e other options too. which can be used for other purpose.

you have o use tab and arrow keys, in action tab, select install. or there ar

after this, the server will reboot and you can check the state or warning or error with

#swverify \*

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