Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Query for Strcit allocation Policy on LV

Hi Friends,

This was the error which i got after trying to extend the size of LV. i am not aware of this strict policy on LV or PG. but this is blocking me to extend the size of an LV. where i am having around 70 GB space in my vg00.

I came to know first time today that this policy, we can apply with below command and at the time of installation of server on root disk.

#lvchange -s ";;;;;;;;;"

Error :-

# lvextend -L 35000m /dev/vg00/11203
Warning: rounding up logical volume size to extent boundary at size "35008" MB.
lvextend: Not enough free physical extents available.
Logical volume "/dev/vg00/xxxx" could not be extended.
Failure possibly caused by strict allocation policy

I am trying to read some docs and information on it, will update once get some information.

Friends, you also please try to make me understand about this. how it works and how we have to apply it.

Thanks for the comments and visit.

Love all and Share Knowledge.
Amit Chopra

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